VCI CHIPs with adhesive backing extend the efficient function and lifetime of electronics, reduce corrosion of all types of metals inside panels, circuit boxes and enclosures.


VCI CHIPs are compact, self-sticking devices that are very easy to install in closed: electrical and electronic panels, enclosed equipment, packages and voids. They made of a sturdy, moisture resistant poly that contains concentrated VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor), which easily vaporizes and deposits corrosion protection on all metal surfaces inside the enclosure.

VCI CHIPs inside the enclosure.
VCI CHIPs inside the enclosure.

VCI CHIPs provide effective protection to all metal contact points against oxidation and corrosion and protect the metal surfaces from the the effects of corrosive agents including protection from humidity, moisture, salts, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, ammonia and acid rain.

VCI CHIPs for Electrical Equipments
VCI CHIPs for Electrical Equipments

Corrosion at electrical contact points is a major source of concern to users and manufacturers of electronic /electrical equipment. This oxidation & corrosion results in loss of conductivity which causes malfunction of equipment and damages delicate and expensive components.


VCI CHIPs Features

  • Corrosion protection to a wide range of multi-metals
  • Up to 12 months corrosion protection including galvanic corrosion
  • Effective in polluted and humid atmospheres
  • Compatible with commonly used oils, greases, paints, all types of seals
  • Mono-ionic VCI layer does not affect electrical /optical/mechanical surface properties
  • Compact & safe to handle and apply
  • Provides corrosion protection when equipment is in storage, transit and when in operation
  • Eliminates the use of labor intensive conventional methods of greasing / oiling / wiping / spraying / dipping
  • Adhesive backed VCI Emitters are easy & quick to install
  • Safe in the workplace and environment friendly
  • Free of nitrites, silicones and phosphates
VCI CHIPs Features
VCI CHIPs Features

VCI CHIPs Are Ideal to Prevent Corrosion in the following types of applications:

  • Electrical, Electronic & electro mechanical control panels
  • Electrical Light fixtures / Security Alarm systems
  • Electric motors
  • Switch gear and relay cabinets
  • Battery operated devices / gadgets
  • Junction Fuse boxes / Bus bars
  • Marine / Aero space / Military instruments
  • Computer & Telecommunication equipment
  • Scientific instruments & devices
  • Medical equipments & devices
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Tools & Spare part boxes
  • Power Generation Units
  • Conductive leads, connectors and terminals
  • Enclosed packages of parts

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